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Monday, March 3, 2008
I was just looking through AHS. awww i wana go to her concert~!i'll be real happy to see her in person! haha. and experience a live concert (i've never been to one), and its not any concert, its ayu's~~~! hee. its like impossible though. i expect her tix to be higher than rain's ($888). IF she will be coming to Singapore that is. mebbie it will reach 1k? where am i going to get all that money? (T_T) and if she doesn't come to sg. means i have to go over there. to japan. which would be more expensive right. darn...

anyways haha i got some good news! i passed my jlpt 4 :) ooh. i should go and collect my cert soon! YAY!! and... i received the letter from my host family in japan! isn't that cool!!!

and i saw my kawaii juniors again!!! (^_^) haha they haven't changed much though. haha. josiah is still in horn afterall. hehe. i knew he wouldn't change de. horn and horny people (lol) are just irresistable! im glad he stayed on ( he was pretty unhappy in his first year or so in horn and wanted to change to trumpet). haha but he is as emo as ever. whatever. hahahha. hes sill one of my lovable juniors (:)). huiyi looked more mature though. yup. then there were the three inseparables. haha nicole sinhui and xiaohui. ahha still a little shy and cheerful. didn't really get to talk to all of them alot cuz i had to go off for my jap class that day. but its ok were going to meet again during their one week break! yay. and they gave me an easel. haha very creative wor. i scanned it in... there!

there was the stand but i didn't scan it in cuz a little troublesome. but there are 3 photos of horns pasted there. aw. brings back memories. haha.

ok then there is the letter and photos by my host family in okutsu. but i dun wana post it up. to protect their privacy. mebbie ill juzt describe it a little.they are really kind. they sent me 2 photos. one of their grandchild (only 2 yrs old!) and the other of their family. haha. awww makes me wanna go to japan and visit them~~~!!she said she would like to take me to see the falling snow. i want to see it too! (never seen real snow in my life. snowcity is NOT real snow). haha i actually wrote in japanese to her. i usually write in english (for the past 2 or 3 letters) ans she would write back in english. then i was thinking, come on! im learning jap. i should use it! ahha. so i did this time. she appreciated it! she said it made things convenient (^_^) aha i didnt disappoint kitahara-sensei ne.

kk. im gonna have lunch now.

buy ayumi hamasaki's 9th album: GUILTY ~!!! in stores now! the songs are awesome! you won't regret it! (:))

3/03/2008 12:17:00 PM
Friday, January 11, 2008
ayu!!! (T_T) ur a beautiful fighter!!!

well, it is true that ayu is completely deaf in her left ear...but she will still continue doing her best and performing for everyone. waaa... its so sad.

she is such an amazing person! after the news that she went deaf, mika noguchi wrote something about her. she wanted to quit her job as president initially cause of the stress etc...

Mika Noguchi
"However, after i met Ayumi Hamasaki, the thoughts of quitting had never cross my mind again.

When i first get to know her, it was during those times when i was about to announce quitting.
It was during her TOP STAR moment, climbing to the top.
Guess it was due to some bad encounters that she escaped to where i was at that time.
Ever since then, we had been living together, sharing our feelings and thoughts.
Not long later, she brought some of the staffs over to my house that has to confirm her costumes, sound and visual problems.

Looking at her,
giving them different instructions,
even those backstage work which artistes wouldn't get to see, she has to inspect them.
Quite often, she even needs to amend those wordings that are written in an unclear manner
I was so amazed with her precise observation and imagination
Day and night, a huge amount of workload is always waiting for her.
And what i saw, is the utmost professionalism and diligence an artiste could give.

Her determination, sensitivity and of course her lovely features,
has seriously touched my heart and soul.
As compared to any other things, the attitude of this genius got me deeply attracted to it." credit: baba/babamon (Ayunite Forum)

waaah. she really does her best huh. that's why she will always be the queen and have many loyal supporters!!!

actually, i was feeling quite depressed about the biophy test we had today. but after i saw this, i thought: i cant give up that easily!! even ayu is giving her best! mine is nothing. i will do my best for my exams!!!

ayu, u really are an inspiration!! ur spirit and passion really moves people (:')).

Ayumi Hamasaki
"Because i just want to sing, not critcising/commenting.
Yes, it will be like this in the future as well.
So no matter how terrible the situation ahead is, I will move on.
No matter what
I will continue with my dreams
Even if i have to handle all these alone."

credit: baba/babamon (Ayunite Forum)


1/11/2008 12:16:00 AM
Friday, January 4, 2008
2nd post of the year
GYL! enjoy~!

1st Day...

hahhaha. dunno what got into them la. shakin' like a doggy.lol. (notice salome at the back). u can hear nic, jo, jx and maybe my voice too.lol. btw at 0022, salome was saying something like " u yesterday (yesterday meaning at the class gathering) video today also video *YAWN* " LOL!! she looked super sian+cute lah.

this is at the tanah merah ferry termianl when we were about to board the ferry.

yay. we have reached turi beach resort! woots. notice the one hour time difference. lol. and their funny faces. (xD)

nice scenery from the island bar( an extension of the resort tt reaches out into the sea). can buy stuff like vodka and stuff i guess,$8 per bot. i think it was.

our breakfast area.

yo yo nic! what's for lunch? we're starved!

2nd Day...

This is the next day, during paintball in the jungle. if cant really see, its a helmet splattered with paintball goo. yes, i got head shot by jx (yayaya i can hear him laughing "yay i head shot fiona!")hahaha...if i had enough bullets i would have shot u first ok! (lol...)
we still won. *pbbbt*
yay bango special force unit! :P

ahha we (jo and i) came to visit poor cheddar cheesey nic (lol) yeah he scrapped his knee in some unfortunate event and affectionately calls the wound cheese.ew, yes i know. after paintball.anyways, there is jonathon on the floor there and sam beside him (closer to the door) nic is only partially seen here (on the left). well shilton and some other guys were there too but not in the photo. they were there cuz their keys were with their roommates who were out trekking. so we all ended up watching tv for a while till we decided we had to have a bath.lol.

uno!this was already after dinner, where we had lessons in one of the poker rooms called "hang tuah", taught by teachers themselves. there is jx on the left,followed by bala,ming,desmond,nic(not in the pic)joanna and me (taking e photo).

3rd Day...

the 2 sleeping beauties. joanna on the left and fifianna on the right. hahha. shh...

ooh seashell picking. fifianna and i.eh aihui if ur lookin, i picked the shells for u from here!hahha (:))

jo and me(:))

jo and fifi


ahhhhh telorrrrr~~~ yummy yummy delicious eggy. nice and soft and salty with 5 layers of cheese (those kraft singles kind). ooh yummy yummy i wana eat it again! (xP)

Talk in Hang Tuah room

i draw that girl at the bottom. everyone chipped in for the im a banana figure. lol

see how boring the talk was?lol...I think yan feng wrote that.so rofl la.

Stunning view eh. from our room


at the end of treking. i took many videos. few photos. this is at the peak where you can practically see the whole of batam. its amazing! there is ying ying looking to wards the camera. haha.

Gala Night(minono(our group) preparation)

minono fashion show! jappalang christmas! lol. mine is the red one. haha. ya and mervyn wrote " I AM SHORT"on his (not in the photo) rofl for a person who is 2m SHORT. lol.

minono fairytale! the 3 little piggies.

ahhah. jonathon woots! he is so shiny! *needs sunglasses* notice the funny hat with a hat. lol.

too bad i didnt take any photos of video of river raftin and the gala night!!

river raft - soaked in the sea and our uncompleted raft broke into pieces once it touched the sea. lol. so we chionged and swam 500m out into the sea, touched to buoy and back, clining on to the PVC pipes and the barrels for dear life the whole time.more liek a swimming competition lah.hahah.lol well we got second. yay! lol.

gala night - we were all busy preparing for out own parts, no time to take photo. anyways. it was pretty dark so i dont think my camera would be of much use anyways.sorry!

if anyone has photos of river rafting or gala night pls sned to me! fiona.loh@gmail.com. hee. greatly appreciated!!

Last Day...

can u see salome in the photo. omg she looks like a student!!!!ahha with an innocent look. (xD)at the orphanage, we played games with th girls (bingo, 007-bang!, google etc) and the guys played with the guys soccer. the girls are pretty shy but they learn really quickly!( with the help of ming the translator :P) ahah.


ooh.look at this. A&W. extinct in singapore! woo... i paid 60 000rupiah for my meal. lol. sounds scary right. its actually about ten bucks. i upsided to root beer float, got some potato trio with a fish meal. not bad lah. haha

Batam Fast (Ferry)

Hoome sweet hoome~


yes i know. im like an idiot saying hi to everyone but noone answer me. sad. lol. everyone looks so tired lah. haha. only joanna responded. xD. hmm lets see...ill name a few ppl there. there is xiangling, eelin,ying ying, bala,nigel, joanna, (one guy i cant rmb his name). then there is azhar JJ, catherine,there is one teacher and 2 guides. we were stopping for water break and also to find out where we were. i only rmb one guide called yoga.hahaha...

So we were at the peak. it was supposed to be a photo. but it turned out to be video instead. lol. blooper sia. hahahahahhaha....


that is jx by the tree. lol. anyhow shoot.but quite cool lah.haha. this was the last round. heh heh. quite well taken right? (:))

wah 2 am liao. need to go and sleep. tmr, no , later still got lessons. zzz. kk . well. seeya!cherrios. hope u've enjoyed the photos though not all were of v good quality.

1/04/2008 12:18:00 AM
Thursday, January 3, 2008
happy new year!

yeah i know its retarded but im here to post stuff which i should have posted a long time ago. yeah. well, here you go! (:

Class Gathering (sorry, the quality aint very good cuz of the sucky lighting and the fact that my phone camera does not come with flash :P)

hmm...what's eunice doing?

Cheeky bernard stole all the yummy desserts (xD)

ooh. look at the queue.

Some of the food...

More fOoD!

Hahaha...shaun tasting the work of dbs/1a/21 chefs! From the look on it face, i'ld say it must have been oishiiiii~ (xD)

kekeke... that's all for the photos. It's weird. i thought i had more photos though...(:/)

Here is a video to end it off! Salome~ woots (takes time to buffer and it is ...very laggy. sorry!)

yeah that's my voice at the beginning asking who still wants to eat cuz the buffet closes at 930. lol. anyways, if u watch on...at around 0035 salome noticed i was videoing (xD) then at 0054 aini and clementwanted some attention. lol. the two fingers that popped up at aroun 0059 were pei xuan's btw. lol. with a "yeah". then the one at 0105 were jasmine's. yeah it kinda lags at the end of the video as well. sorry about that. hahha. did u see salome's expression towards the end of the video? priceless.ahaa ( there is one similar one for the batam trip too. look out for it!)


1/03/2008 11:53:00 PM
Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yay my birthday! Happy birthday to mee (2 days ago) LOL. well, i've been busy so, gomennn~(sorryyy~) nv post in like... ages.

Really happy to get a nice notebook from joanna ( maybe i should scan it). Hmm.. i think its from kino so, its good stuff! dun wana dirty it first so haven open it yet (xD) and an orange pen. LOL i used to have an orange pen..but...it disappeared. lol.. but yay! i have a new one with "miss bunny" all over it. (xD). thanks thanks thanks! *hugs* kk. then i have one from eunice. ooh. orange too. ahhhaha.. kk what else but to get me something of my fav. colour right? lol. im orange all over. yup, its a keychain with furryness around it. My mom says its a dog but it kinda looks like a human to me. lol. but it doesnt matter. its the thought that counts ya? haha thanks thanks thanks

hm. seems like that's all i got this year. ahaha. oh wait, the class sang me a birthday song too. THANKS EVERYONE~~ (^_^) hmm... my class never did that before. As in my sec school class. haha. i got...6 birthday wishes from friends. aw. my close friends in sec sch. haha, at least they rememebered. thanks to them too! hmm... am i missing anything else? hmmm.. i hope not. i wana post some pictures. but. i dunno how to use the new camera. -.- its so...big. lol. so im lazy to learn it now. lol. i think ill go scan b1's prex first. haha... kk seeya~


11/29/2007 01:25:00 AM
Thursday, November 15, 2007
hello... haha here to update this bloggie

okay so many stuff happened lately.. haiz.

dunno god or bad. it's like... hmm... very busy. maybe ive been too active? like ive got this green campaign to settle... which im not really getting much help with from the higher ups. its seriously stressful. and now its extended to like... till next wed? what the hell. its taking a toll on my studies. i only scraped past my chem and A & P. chem was( expected ) but my A & P (noooooooooo~~~~!!!!) sad. and my biophy can wave bye bye to my 25%. i dunno... i dun wana pull my GPA down. boo hoo hoo...

the thing is, lib club juz called my and said im short listed for the commitee. hmm.... now that'a a tough decision. should i join the lib club committee or envclub? zzz mind boggling. both are fun. but i dun wan too much stress. im not really aware of how lib club works but i know env club. but i think envlub has a tad too many activities. zzz. what should i do? and my studies... another trouble. arugh. 4 reports to finish-epi,bsbm,chem,biophy!!!!and 3 projects-math,crs,cd,!!! arugh!!! going to my neck. how did i end up with so many things to do huh. i must be crazy. and my jap test on dec 2nd!!!! arugh haven study!!! next week mathcad test!!!arugh!!! lol looks like im having a panic attack.ahaha.... hm.big fat trouble.

that...guy...just called.zzz.he is not...ugh.pissseeeddd.... wth. wana get this over and done with. im so not enjoying it.

i used to like novemeber. cuz its my birthday month. doesn't seem very good this year. i still hope my birthday will be a good one! (^_^) seeu~!

11/15/2007 10:18:00 PM
Sunday, October 28, 2007
hello. hmm... now very sian.

wana upload some photos but like...sooo...w-o-l-s. laggy . . . . . .

zzz ,maybe later tonight.

yesterday went for my bros frens wedding. wah. the bride so pretty. lol.well, a girl looks her best on her wedding day huh. lol. the bride looks like my bros gf who looks like felicia chin. lol. how odd. maybe 'brothers' have the same taste? hahaa...ah. who knows. anyways it was a big event, and everyone did their best ya. ahha

so i went there after class with my dad by bus. (my sis and mom went by car). it aint very far. but we took some time to find the bus stop. the camouflaged bus stop. lucky i only changed to heels when i reached there if not i would have died. zzz.and my dad was walking so quickly.

ya so i was sittin beside another of my bros frens sister. wow. guess what.she was from VJC. wa lau. lol. then she went to NTU life sciences o_O. but she found it boring so she changed to teaching instead ( sec school). ha. she said research is dry. zzz. really? i haven't got bored of my course yet so i think its ok. hahha.hm.

then another fren of my bro ( there are 4 of them in the gang btw) has a sister too. same age as me. shes in YJC. lol. she kinda reminds me of my cousin. didnt say anything much throughout the dinner, cept maybe a bit to her mom, and answering some usual questions..etc.. she looked sian. haha. lucky i had my sis with me.yay. if not i would have been super sian too.hahahhaa oh yayaya there is the waiter. goodness. he is ... a klutz. lol

well, he spilt my tea, spilt my sis' sprite. the almost fell onto our fish while trying to slice it, he dropped noodle onto the turn table while serving the ee fu noodles ( a lot of it). i wasnt done with my food and he took it away. zzz. while serving the dessert, my dad had to help him to turn the turn table, cuz his hands were full.

ok well, there were more, but i dun wana rant on any more. ya. so my sis was quite irritated. ha. and was trying to find his name tag. too bad there wasn't any. wahaha. well i think he may be a part timer, thus the performance.

yah. nothing really spectacular happened la.. the normal wedding stuff. the food was ... ok lah. haha. i think the roast pork ( bak kwa) from the cold dish was nice.

well, it was fun. haha. its been a long time since i went for a wedding dinner. ahhaha. i wonder when is my brother's turn? hehehe..

10/28/2007 06:29:00 PM
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